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Track your valuable shipments or moving assets with our LoRA Sensors Kit, both indoor and outdoor cost-effective and advanced. We support LoRa GPS Node , 2G or 4G Cat-M1/NB-IoT

How It Works

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Ready to start LoRa GPS Sensor that fits on any shipment types and surface. Easy to install and removable.

LoRa Gateway Antenna

Works with any LoRa Gateway. You can choose your own gateway models based on your regional frequency.

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Our Features

Geo Fensing

Upload your physical layout and map the geo-coordinates. You can set your geo-fencing for movement alerts

Vehicle Traveled Path

Be in control of where all your assets, shipments getting moved in your facilities, complete GPS history


Not just GPS geo coordinates, a map with your physical buildings, roads, landmarks, loading, unloading areas

Gate Keeping

Flexible you can track third-party vehicles, by simply attaching our sensors and enable tracking at the security gate

Deep Insights

Your assets don't sleep, so as our rule engine. Design a variety of your rules, per your movement scenarios.


Whatever your current enterprise platform built home-grown, talk to us for easy integration, and we provide adapters you need.

Simple steps to start track your shipments

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Your Choice: Cellular, 2G or 4G Cat-M1/NB-IoT, LoRa

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Track Both Mobile And Desktop

Supports any-device

Welcome LoRa

Industry-leading LoRA technology and IoT, you can take your tracking solutions next level, a cost-effective, long range such as supporting 10 Miles radius coverage and low power too

Use Cases

Fits with most of the business and operating facilities


Now Shipments Tracking Made Simple for Indoor and Outdoor

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